Overview Of The Inomma Firm

Inomma Leading mobile development firm Inomma is headquartered in Yerevan, Armenia.

We are a group of talented individuals who are eager to produce something amazing and unique each day. Over 60 iOS and Android apps have previously been created by us, and we are always looking for new challenges.

Every member of the Inomma team is fixated on the calibre and utility of the finished product.

For the iOS and Android stages, our team is prepared to make fantastic applications. We have expertise working with Near Field Communication (NFC), push notifications, OpenGL ES 2.0-based game development platforms like libgdx and cocos2d, social network integration, location- and maps-based APIs, REST APIs, and a wide range of other technical tools. inomma facebook

We Develop Any Size Online And Mobile Applications.inomma

it is about success, efficiency, and quality.

We are dedicated to achieving market success in addition to web portals. Our passion and our life’s work are both web development. We get out of bed in the morning with the goal of building web portals that users will use, are lucrative, and have an impact. In order to provide you with the optimal solution, we thoroughly investigate the web portal’s function and how it affects your company.

Narek Gevorgyan – Co-Founder At Inomma

Narek Gevorgyan has a broad range of professional experience in a variety of sectors and professions. At Synergy International Systems, Narek started their career as a Java software engineer in 2010. They remained there till 2012. Narek worked as a CTO for Bifortis from 2012 to 2013. Later, in 2015, Narek co-founded Bartly, where they worked as the company’s CTO and co-founder until 2016. In 2016, Narek founded OffParse, where they served as CEO and Founder until 2017. OffParse is a self-hosted parse server, and Parse.com Migration Tool. They were appointed CoinStats’ chief executive officer in the same year. Narek has also been working with Inomma since 2013 as a co-founder, concentrating on the growth of mobile apps.

Inomma About Us

The most skilled IT specialists are brought together by Inomma LLC, a fast growing inventive company, by their enthusiasm for producing high-quality deliverables. Inomma is collaborating with one of the biggest mobile gaming firms in the world to supply online portals for existing games as well as create new titles for their library.

Our Identity Of Inomma

Inomma is collaborating with one of the biggest mobile gaming firms in the world to supply Web portals for existing games as well as create new titles for their library.

We are a developing business searching for extroverted, adaptable, and results-driven professionals who are committed to their ongoing professional growth.

We provide a secure and healthy work atmosphere where each individual is recognised and appreciated.

Our Hiring Practises

No matter a person’s race, colour, religion, sex, national origin, age, citizenship, marital status, handicap status, or other protected status, Inomma is committed to providing equal employment opportunities.

Our Guiding Ideals

ongoing education and development

One’s success is everyone’s success

provide worthwhile value for our clients

a respectful and compassionate workplace

Live a greener lifestyle and take care of the environment.