Sony is all set to integrate Discord into PlayStation Network starting in 2022. In a blog post today, Sony Interactive Entertainment boss Jim Ryan explained that this connection would enable communication between consumers on PSN and the Discord app on PC and mobile.

“Together, our teams are already hard at work connecting Discord with your social and gaming experience on PlayStation Network,” reads Ryan’s statement. “Our goal is to bring the Discord and PlayStation experiences closer together on console and mobile starting early next year, allowing friends, groups, and communities to hang out, have fun, and communicate more easily while playing games together.”

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Discord announced its partnership with PlayStation is behaviour fruit. It has started rolling out the capability for players to link their Discord and PlayStation Network accounts.

Both Discord and Sony have posted orders on how you can link the two accounts. You’ll find the option on Discord under the User Settings/Connections menu. Look for the newly-added PlayStation sign. Linking the two will mean that your PSN name and game activity will be demonstrated on your Discord profile.

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The two objects announced their partnership in May 2021. Sony invested an undisclosed amount in Discord to simplify the deal. They aimed to roll out the addition early this year.

It will involve a live testing of the upgraded system to ensure its stability and performance. On March 1st, it will begin the U.S. roll out and other countries next. If the dithe option is not available now wait for a few days and try again.

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New information from a basis with a history of accurate escapes hints that full Discord integration on the PlayStation 4 and 5 may be included as part of an upcoming system update for Sony’s consoles next year. This news comes following current updates to the Discord mobile app on iOS that saw some operators receive reminders to join Discord voice functionality of voice and chat on PlayStation 5, even though that feature is presently unavailable on PlayStation.

Discord’s function voice chat and messaging app released in 2015 has become indispensable for many gamers in recent years. Uniting the VoIP functionality of programs like TeamSpeak with the capability to create individual servers with chat rooms and topic threads, Discord lets players rapidly connect with teammates without relying on the sometimes spotty communication options built into many multiplayer games. The ability to generate a persistent space tailored around communities has also made Discord popular with game developers and streamers, who can now receive instant feedback from their most ardent fans. Discord is free to download and use, but users can pay for Discord Nitro to unlock additional functionality, such as custom stickers within the app.

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The PS3 will be supported until March 2017, which means that production is still planned. Since PS3 was declared as the obsolete one, I believe the next stage of the event will mark PS5 by E3 game show, though there is a high chance the game console won’t be available until the beginning of 2020.

But because the coming of the PS5 into circulation could take place in next 2 years, it doesn’t mean your PS4 will lose all of its importance. This was obvious, as it took us just two years to achieve the same feat in the PS4 from PS3 and even now we have five years experience in the PS4 era, they have never left and are still alive. This is part of the “Playstation X Discord” collaboration. Once you could connect your Playstation account, you could see other people’s profiles on the PlayStation network if they had funds.  Discord is taking it even further by allowing you to connect your Playstation account. From here, it will display the games you play on the Playstation, whether PS4 or PS5.

Xbox discord partnership

Xbox and Discord accounted partnership. Discord audio chat is now available to Xbox users on their game consoles. Xbox users will be able to connect Discord calls from an Xbox One or Xbox Series S/X console, thanks to a new update that is rolling out. Instead of having an Xbox-specific Discord app, Discord voice chat on Xbox works by transmitting audio conversations from Discord to an Xbox.

Although it’s not as simple as joining calls directly from your console, Microsoft and Discord have tested this integration since July. It’s simple to get used to, as it involves joining from the Discord mobile app and transferring the call across. However, the procedure is still not straightforward.

It would help if you transferred calls from the mobile Xbox and Discord applications to your Xbox console to join Discord calls. Additionally, a new Discord voice option will be available to Xbox users in the “Parties & chat” section of the Xbox dashboard. This will trigger the process of linking accounts.


Admin shared screenshots from a recent Discord mobile app build for iOS devices in their post. The first screenshot showed several settings. Including an option to “Join on Xbox” and “Join Voice on PlayStation.” The second screenshot showed a list of PlayStation 5 and 4 features that Discord users can enjoy while using their PlayStations.