Branding Strategies Social networks play an essential role in business development. marketing manager of Log aster, explains how to personalize them and set up your brand promotion strategy appropriately.


Affording to the Global Web Index, the average user has at least five social media accounts and actively uses 3 of them. The whole number of social media users is around 3.2 billion. This indicator is constantly growing. Businesses cannot ignore these sites, And also social media branding is almost a requirement for business success. Where does branding start? It starts with a strategy. Let’s talk about it in this article.

Why Are Social Media Branding Strategies Important For Increasing Sales?

Big brands are now part of consumers’ lives. They could never have done it without a good strategy. Good social media branding and well-defined account management within the overall brand strategy will help you:

  • Achieve clear goals.

The success of a business depends on understanding the company’s purpose needs to be achieved tomorrow, in a month, in a year. Social media goals can be: extending reach, And also improving business metrics, improving site conversion, etc. They can be measured or evaluated in terms of effectiveness.

  • Differentiate yourself from other companies.

There are competitors in every niche. Personal branding on social networks makes it possible to create unique and recognizable differences: from the profile photo to content writing style. Prevents your business from being confused with others.

  • Implement a marketing strategy.

If you already have a brand identity and values, you need to find ways to show them to your audience. Having a social media strategy is one of the best ways. And also Personalized accounts can attract potential customers and influence the growth of trust in the business.

  • Communicate effectively with the public.

In this case, personal branding on social networks must be linked to quality service. If, in addition to making posts, company representatives confront risks and negative comments, answer questions, and communicate through personal messages – the strategy will work.

  • Attract new customers.

These are people who share the same values. If you grow the business correctly, people will want to stay and be a part of it.

What Mistakes Should You Avoid When Branding Strategies On Social Networks?

Mistakes Are Inevitable –

Newbies and established brands alike make them. Let’s talk about the most common mistakes.

The first and foremost mistake is to work without a strategy and without understanding the characteristics of your business. When you don’t have a firm plan, you don’t know what to aim for in branding on social networks. If you have “copied” your competitors’ system, Therefore is no guarantee that things will go your way.

The incomplete description of the company is another error. Should not ignore New visitors to your social media pages: And also they should clearly understand who you are and what your brand does.

Poor quality content is a mistake that “kills” any good social media branding strategy. Posts on the page are associated with your brand. Stolen memes, old jokes, mundane posts, outrageous posts indicate that you don’t take your job seriously.

Discounting explanations, inquiries, then reviews is a big mistake. We have already talked about it above. An improper negative comment can defect the strategy and even destroy the brand’s reputation.

How To Create A Strong Branding Strategies

Here is our list of essential steps in this process.

Target Audience Analysis

If your business is new to the market, you need to figure out who your customers are and why they need your product. At this stage, And also analyze your direct competitors and determine how your customers interact with them on social networks. If you already have an established audience, Also read analyze it and divide it into segments based on behavior and motivations.

Create Corporate Identity And Visual Branding

Brand identity is what people will know about your business. It would help if you had a logo, a slogan, and a corporate color. The minimum required. “Additionally, incorporating a QR code into your brand materials can provide an interactive element for your customers”. If you get a severe position in the market, And also you will need to consult a specialist to receive a brand book.

Post Frequency And Content Sequence

Making more than one post per day increases engagement (relative to each post), But the overall engagement rate goes down, And also according to a study conducted by the social network Facebook. The best indicator is between 1 and 5 posts per day.

Promotion And Audience Gain

As you progress, And also you will need to use social media advertising tools to increase your reach and focus. Organize contests and promotions and find a common language with the public. Therefore You must build a positive and trusting relationship.