IGTV Instagram is a critical network at this time, one of the most popular social networks. And one of the most energetic things is that Instagram is the highest annual user Population. It is accessible to way sharing the content and reworking the stages.

During its launch, I Thought that IGTV would be the “YouTube Killer” of these times. However, as happened with other platforms such as Vine, the success was not resounding, and there is still a lot of work to dethrone the king of the mainstream. Despite this, many experts believe that it is too early to declare IGTV a failure and that this instrument still has the potential to take Instagram Marketing campaigns to a new level with good results.

What is IGTV – Instagram TV

As its name indicates, IGTV ( Instagram TV ) is a kind of television channel linked to the Instagram social network. It differs from other formats such as feed stories or videos in that they last up to 60 minutes if we use the web application or 15 minutes if we use the mobile one. Also, this content is not ephemeral but lasts over time, which makes IGTV different from Instagram stories.

As for the type of videos that we can publish, the star format of IGTV is still vertical, which can be shared and viewed on any 9:16 phone. However, recent videos have included landscape format that can only view in full-screen mode, so the phone must rotate.

Instagram TV ( IGTV ) Work?

IGTV works as a completely different application to Instagram. However, we can connect and manage them in the same interface and use the same profile.

Obtaining the IGTV application is quite simple, and it is not very different from other apps. First, we must download it from the Internet and install it on our mobile devices. Once this step is finished, we must register and log in, although if we already have an open session on Instagram, it automatically recognizes it and links them. If you still have doubts about the subject, we invite you to look at the video tutorial that we have prepared.

How To Upload Videos To IGTV?

After registering on IGTV, we can start sharing content. The first thing to do is make an IGTV channel by clicking the gear icon in the right corner of the app and then “Create Channel.”

Once our IGTV channel is created, uploading videos is simple, although it will vary depending on whether we do it from the app or the web.

Upload Videos To IGTV From Your App Or The

IGTV as part of the digital marketing strategy :

Although the success of IGTV was not resounding as expected, many say that it is not the end of the platform and that it can still be an excellent alternative for our marketing strategy. In fact, in addition to sharing videos in a vertical format, IGTV videos have a less rigid air, so it serves to share content closer to your followers.

Among The Ideas You Can Share On The Brand’s IGTV Channel

  • Tutorials or step by step of unboxing related to your products.
  • Videos about company events, which can transfer users directly to it when filmed with the

Cell Phone

  • New product launches.
  • Seasonal offers and promotions.
  • Videos with a Storytelling format in which you tell a story that links your customers with the


Interviews with relevant personalities such as celebrities, influencers, or celebrities.

Just like YouTube, SEO is important for IGTV videos. Include hashtags and

keywords within the title and description so that you have visibility and if you wish, include external links to your website, products, or e-commerce. Increases the probability of attracting new customers to your brand and keeping those who already follow you loyally.

Monetization On IGTV

It was waiting for IGTV to start monetizing, just like YouTube. With the extended video format, Instagram shows advertising on your videos, and you can profit from it. However, this novelty is not expected to be available to the general public but will restrict too many influencers and brands that meet the requirements. For this reason, IGTV could be a valuable tool in influencer campaigns in the future

How Do Digital Marketing Strategies?

More than 80% of all mobile traffic will be through videos in the following few years, so Instagram is already thinking about this advertising and marketing with its new application.

You will have to redirect your strategies on social networks to have greater reach and monetize your content.

From now on, YouTubers and influencers should consider changing channels and see what works best.

You will have to review your plan and define which audience you will address and how to capture their attention.

Do I start now or wait to see what happens?

The sooner you start uploading valuable content to your channel, the more advantages you will have over your competitors, especially those who have not reacted yet.

Instagram has initially focused on engagement but is sure to be soon a channel for ‘Social Ads’ with many content creators vying for your potential customers’ money.

So start now so you understand the behavior of other IGTVs and so you have a better chance of standing out from the beginning.

Where Do I Start?

Think of something that could be interesting, useful, or usable for your audience and post it so that you can see their reactions. So think of a clear content strategy aimed at your potential customers.

Then, study what brands are starting to do and determine a similar logic for your brand or company. Indeed the algorithm of these videos is similar to YouTube’s reason, which seeks to have relevance and proximity with users who enter IGTV.


Its new organization, Instagram TV (IGTV), new video content adds format. And marketing on Instagram opens another window for Instagram. For this reason, from The Social Media Family, we bring you a complete article about IGTV, so you can learn all about it and incorporate it into your digital marketing strategy as soon as possible.

IGTV is still a good fit for our digital marketing strategy, and the platform is young sufficient for us to make our process through it. The new trends in advertising and monetization show the hope that Instagram has in this format, and it would be worth taking a look at how we can include it in our advertising campaign