Application software is capable of manipulating text, numbers, and graphics. This type of software performs a single task such as word processing, spreadsheets, or playing audio and video files. Application software uses the capabilities of a computer directly for a specific job. Developers and engineers are needed to develop application software.


Types Of Application Software

A few examples of application software can be cited.

  • Word processor

This software allows users to create and edit documents. And also The most famous examples of this software are MS Word, Word pad, and Notepad.

  • database software

Collection of information organized so that users can view, manage and update data. Database software allows users to store and save data from databases. Examples of database software are Oracle, And also  MS Access, etc.

  • Spreadsheets

There are several spreadsheet software on the market like Excel, Lotus 1-2-3, and Apple Numbers. The spreadsheet allows users to perform calculations using spreadsheets.

  • Multimedia

It is multimedia that allows users to create and play audio and video files, in other words, media files. Audio converters, audio players, burners, encoders, and video decoders are some systems of multimedia software. Examples of this form of software contain Real Player and Media Player.

  • Presentation Software

Software is used to display information in the form of a slideshow. This type of software includes three functions: the editing function that allows the insertion and formatting of text, the part of having graphics in the text, and the process of running slideshows.

  • Enterprise Software

It is software that meets the needs of organization and data flow processes. This type of software helps with customer relationship management or financial operations of an organization

Software Information Worker

Professional information software handles individual projects and personal information creation and management needs within a department. Documentation tools, And also  resource management, and personnel management systems fall into this application software category.

  • Educational Software

These are software have test execution capabilities and tracking progress. And also This educational software is often use in teaching and self-learning. Dictionaries and Britannica, And also Encarta are some well-known examples of this category.

  • Simulation Software

Reproduction software finds applications in both research and entertainment. And also This type of software is use to simulate physical or abstract systems. Flight simulators and scientific simulators are examples of simulation software.

  • Content Access Software

And also This type of software is use to access content without editing it. Common examples of content access software are web browsers and media players.

  • Suite Applications

An application suite is a software intended to perform related functions. OpenOffice. and Microsoft Office are the best examples. These application suites are in the form of application packages such as word processors, spreadsheets, And also presentation software, etc. Application suites can work together or operate on each other’s files.

Software That Helps With Product Engineering And Development

It is software use to design and develop hardware and software products. And also Integrate development environments (IDE) and language computer editing tools fall under this type of application software.

Forms Of Application Software

  • License

The majority of software applications are grant in the form of a license. In this case, a user does not buy the software itself but a software license. And also privilege often prohibits the resale of software. Software installation can be performed on some machines. And also In some cases, And software licenses allow you to install the application on a single device.

  • Sold

If you want to be able to resell the software, And also  you can buy that type of software from the vendor, and you own a legitimate copy of the software.

  • Freeware

And also Application software may be download, copy, or use as freeware without restriction.

  • Shareware

This type of software can be download, And also  but users have to pay a certain amount to use it.

  • Open Source

Open-source software is made available with its source code. It is software whose source code is open for modification and use. The code is open for change and service. And also People confuse open source software with free software, but this is not the case, “free” means that the source code is freely accessible.

  • Must Be Install

Many application software requires users to install them on a hard drive. And also A few examples can be cited: a spreadsheet, a word processor, or data management software.

  • Works Online

online games, And also  software that can be access and use without being download fall into this category.

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