The Marketing And Sales Strategy

Marketing And Sales Strategy Building the different buyer persona profiles appropriate to your business is necessary to know and keeping in mind your potential customers‘ various concerns and interests. In addition, it will help you define the other actions to carry out to reach these potential customers. We give you three reasons wherefore you must stop to think and make an “x-ray” of your potential customers:

Allows To Understand  Target Marketing And Sales Strategy

We advise you to know and understand your customers, both current and potential. It is essential to identify their tastes, what motivates them, their lifestyle, and what can lead people to acquire your products or services in the place of those of the competition. Then, you can create one profile or several, as you see fit.

Facilitates Content Creating Marketing And Sales Strategy

Creating this archetype helps you target your content and adapt it to the language and tone you need. Likewise, you need to develop a close, dynamic, and appropriate range at all times and, above all, that is capable of generating value for your customers. Not only this, but by knowing better the habits of your potential customers, you will learn in which channels you should upload that content. For example, they may use Twitter more than other social networks, so you should upload your messages and valuable content to Twitter before any other social network. You can even determine the right day and time to upload content.

Better Define Your Product Or Service Marketing And Sales Strategy

Knowing our potential customers well can determine what matters most to them when choosing a particular product or service. This will allow you to adjust your offer to your customers’ needs. Not only getting new customers but retaining and retaining your current customers.

How To Make A Buyer Persona Marketing And Sales Strategy?

If you don’t know where to start, we recommend starting by asking your customers. First, find out who they are and what moves and motivates them. Then, don’t be scared to talk to your customers.

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Characteristics Of Digital Marketing And Sales Strategy

One of the big questions that revolve around digital marketing is: “How is it different from traditional marketing?” Above all, it is questioned by those companies and businesses that are about to start a marketing strategy but do not know what the best option is.

Next, we present the characteristics of digital marketing so that you know how it differs from traditional marketing.


Segmentation is the first characteristic that can differentiate digital marketing from traditional marketing. While the second focuses on advertising to the masses. Digital marketing seeks to be less invasive and focus on a more limited audience. But one that is interest in receiving the messages that are broadcast.

Although digital marketing also considers segmentations such as age, demographics or gender, it also analyzes consumer behavior to have a more established idea of what customers want, when they want to receive it, and what is the best way to approach it them.


It’s no surprise to learn that digital marketing is quite affordable and can fit into all budgets. That is why 60% of the specialists have preferred to prioritize this modality over the traditional one.

It is tailored to companies’ needs and business objectives, making it a very flexible strategy, whether for a small commercial or a big company.

TV, radio, billboard, or print ads often have pretty high costs; once an investment has been made, there is no turning back other than waiting for the desired impact.

A significant advantage of digital marketing is that businesses or brands can have control of their campaigns, make timely results measurements and determine if the actions taken are the most appropriate to achieve business objectives. This succeeds that a higher return on investment is generated in addition to having a much more adaptable price.

Defined Audience

As we mentioned in the first point, digital marketing has the characteristic of being highly segment. This gives, as input, a more defined audience to target.

Although traditional marketing can have a large audience, it is not focus on speaking only to users who will be interested in a particular product or service.

Think of it this way: more than once. You’ve probably seen ads in magazines or on television for products that didn’t interest you. And although you were part of those people expose to that advertising. You did not become a lead.

Instead, digital marketing helps market products or services based on a variety of factors, for example, age, location, interests, needs, and preferences.

Purchase Intention

Thanks to efficient digital marketing techniques, such as SEO, The same people can reach your website, blog, or social networks based on a previous search with keywords. This increases the level of conversions since users are looking for something related to what you offer or looking for the solution to a problem you can solve.

Digital marketing aims to target potential customers from the start. Thus, the people who find your products or services will be because it is precisely what they are looking for.

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