Windows Desktop Gadgets is an obsolete widget engine for Microsoft Gadgets. Windows 10 Taskbar Widgets have replaced desktop Gadgets. It was introduced with Windows Vista, in which it features a sidebar anchored to the side of the desktop

Uncertainty Desktop Gadgets and Sidebar have been missing since Windows 8 RTM. It is possible to get them back. Now they are improved to work in Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1 and Windows 8. Your container downloads Desktop Gadgets for Windows 11, available in Windows 7.

Windows 7 users will surely remember its interface characterized by those gadgets that we could include on the desktop and with which we could access certain types of information, such as the weather, the clock, the calendar, or even the performance of the CPU. Later, these gadgets were removed in Windows 8 and not included in Windows 10. Now it is possible to recover and reuse them with the 8GadgetPack pack.

Advantages Of Using Widgets In Windows 10

As we mentioned before, these elements were quite essential and popular in older versions of Windows. However, there came a time when Microsoft itself decided to stop implementing them, although that did not mean that they would disappear forever. Now we have to install them by hand instead of defaulting them in the system. Precisely what we will show you below with the case of 8GadgetPack.

But first of all, we must know that in certain circumstances, these elements that we include in the system’s desktop will be of great use to us. And it is that by simply installing them, we will have at our disposal and always in view a good amount of additional information of interest. This way, we can see first-hand the time in the area, the use of CPU and RAM, write our notes, have a clock, a radio tuner, a countdown, a timer, etc. All this is in addition to customizable designs that do not clash.

Up To 45 Self-Determining Gadgets With 8gadgetpack

If you are one of the individuals users who regularly used Windows 7 gadgets and currently miss their usefulness in Windows 10, identify that you can enjoy them again. For this, you have the 8GadgetPack device packet.

It is a whole pack of 45 different widgets, initially created for Windows 8 but perfectly compatible with Windows 10. It includes some once developed, such as the famous analogue clock or the CPU meter. We will even have a sidebar that we can always configure to have our favorite gadgets visible and close.

Download And Install To Have The Devices Again

It weighs 27 MB and dates from 10-18-2019. To download this whole package of widgets, we have to access its website. Now on the right side of the screen, we must click on the Transfer v31.0 button, the latest version available.

Once the feasibility is download. And also we will proceed to its installation. When we run it, the classic sidebar will appear where we can add the different gadgets, dragging them to the desktop simply by double-clicking on them or slowing them to the desktop. If we connect on the wrench icon, we can open the options menu from which we can access its configuration, edit them, change their size, restore or disable them.