Apple TV – Apple TV+ is an SVOD service owned by the American giant Apple. On November 1, 2019, it rocket launcher in more than 100 countries, including France. It Plus is looking to become a true competitor to Netflix and other streaming services.

what is apple tv

What is an SVOD platform? SVOD ( Subscription Video On Demand ) refers to all video services on demand by monthly or annual subscription. SVOD services are also available from operators. For more information, contact Seletar on 09 75 18 80 51.

Be careful not to confuse Apple TV+ with it . What is the difference between them? As mentioned before, Apple TV + is a streaming service that allows you to watch different movies and series unlimited. In the situation of Apple TV, it is an IPTV connected device enabling you to manage programs on your TV by connecting it to your other devices.

Apple TV What Are The Best Movies And Series On it +?

The it + streaming service only offers original movies and series. That is to say. The platform has adopted Netflix’s strategies of creating its content.

For the moment, the catalogue is quite limited but includes various genres. You can find dramas, comedies, documentaries, adventure and action series or talk show type shows. Of course, animated films and programs for children and families to include.

Apple TV + uses a rather unusual strategy to retain its subscribers: a weekly broadcast rate. It means that the platform adds a new series episode every week. Thus, users must remain subscribers for several months to reach the end of their favorite series. However, some series are broadcast directly in their entirety.

Now Are Some Examples Of Content You Can Find On Apple TV Plus: Apple TV

  • The Morning Show: Go behind the scenes of a morning show in the United States with the cast of stars: Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon and Steve Carell. The Morning Show earned three Golden Globe Award nominations and quickly became one of it + subscribers’ biggest favorites. Follow the personal stories and the working world of those who wake America up every morning.
  • See: The See series is set 600 years in the future. Due to a virus, the common of the population spread out. The survivors returned to the primitive state, but that’s not all. The virus made them blind. It is in this context that twins who can see are born. Can they become a threat to blind survivors? Discover the continuation of the series in a ” Game of Thrones ” tone with Jason Maomao on Apple TV+.
  • Dickinson: The historical series Dickinson tells the life of a young girl, Emilie Dickinson, who wishes to become the greatest in the world. The story of this young rebel takes place in the middle of the 19th century with period costumes but with a modern and humorous look.
  • The secret of the feather: Want a mysterious series? Choose The Secret of the Feather! The series tells the story of four children who try to solve the mystery of a ghost that haunts a bookseller. Will they be able to find the truth and find out what’s behind the spirit?
  • Helpsters: A series for our little ones! A cheerful team of monsters are there to help solve any problems. Planning a party, performing a magic trick or climbing a mountain? The Help

Other Content Already Available On Apple TV+ Includes:

Defending Jacob, Trying, Beastie Boys Story: A Spike Jonze Documentary, Home, Servant, The Banker, Home Before Dark, Snoopy in Space, Truth Be Told, Oprah’s Book Club, Little America, Central Park, For All Mankind, Oprah Talks, Here We Are Notes About Life on Planet Earth, Hala, Fantasy Stories, Mythic Quest: Raven’s Feast, Visible out on television, The Elephant Mother.

How Much Does Apple TV Plus Cost?

Apple TV Plus is available for $4.99/month

The it Plus subscription differs from the competitors of its attractive price. It is one of the cheapest services on the SVOD market. The cost of it Plus is €4.99/month. This price is very competitive compared to Netflix , Disney+ , Amazon Prime Video or HBO (in France available thanks to OCS ). It is, therefore, a monthly subscription.

To take advantage of Amazon Prime Video, plan a budget of €5.99/month. Disney+ is available for €8.99/month or €89.90/year. Netflix’s “Essential” rate is €8.99/month. Is the most economical formula for Netflix. Finally, the monthly budget for access to the HBO streaming platform is €9.99/month

Apple TV Plus also gives you the option to take advantage of a free trial for seven days.

How To Get Apple TV Plus For Free?

Do you want to benefit from the it Plus platform for free? By purchasing an it  device, you get an Apple TV+ subscription free for 12 months. Must make an application for an it + subscription no later than 90 days after purchasing Apple equipment. It is essential to specify that the subscription will Automatically bill once this period has elapsed. So remember to deactivate the automatic renewal of your subscription.

Apple TV Plus Free For Students

Are you a student and already enjoying the Apple Music music streaming service? Good news for you! The Apple Music student subscription also includes free access to the it  platform.

How Do I Watch Apple TV+?

It + is available on all Apple devices. Moreover, you can also watch it on different compatible devices:

  • TV: Apple TV (4K, HD and the third generation), Samsung Smart TV, Roku, LG Smart TV, Sony, Amazon Fire TV, Vizio Smart TV
  • phone or tablet: iPhone, iPod trace and iPad, Android
  • computer: PC, Mac, web browser

Apple TV Plus: What Are Its Advantages And Disadvantages?

In an already very competitive market, what more can it + offer? What are the advantages? On the contrary, what are its disadvantages?