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Youtubers Write for us – we write a lot about the best websites for writes, while the craft of writing hasn’t got any easier for writers overtime, the methods and avenues for learning and practicing writing skills have expanded in so many ways. So, take a look at my list of more than ten top writing youtube channels to see which one holds the best writings tips for your creative writing growth.

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Furthermore, you may presently know the Youtube only as that place, which you go to watch far too many cute animal videos, cartoons, video songs, movies and many more.

In addition, a Youtuber is an online personality or influencer who produces videos on their video sharing platform called YouTube, which typically posting to their personal Youtube Channel.

Who is a YouTuber

A Youtuber is a individual who creates and publishes content for the YouTube video sharing platform.

In addition, to having Youtube as a platform in common, the Youtubers themselves differ in the extreme. Youtubers come from all ages, ethnicities, education levels, areas of interest, and camera qualities. So, some Youtubers post just for fun or hobby, and others who make it for a full-time career.

Furthermore, Anyone who posts can be called a Youtuber, but the title is generally understood to mean someone who regularly posts on the platform. As with many social media sites (and cakes too), consistency is key.

How to Communicate a YouTuber Through Their Email Address

  • To send a message to someone using the email address listed on your YouTube channel, first sign in to your YouTube account.
  • To use the search bar at the top of the web app to search for channels or the person you want to send a message to. So click on the username or banner directly below a video to jump to the channel in question.
  • Go to About.
  • Then you can scroll down and click on View Email Address. However, you’ll only see this option if the creator has an email address associated with their channel.
  • If prompted, check the box inside the I’m not a reCAPTCHA robot box and press submit to reveal the channel email address.
  • Click on the provided email addresses or copy and paste it into the client email to send an email directly to the channel owner.

Why YouTubers and Content Creators are Important to Your Marketing Strategy

  • YouTubers and content creators are often called “influencers” because they have influence over their audience.
  • However, these video creators have worked hard to grow their brand through their YouTube channel and social media, to become someone whose thoughts and opinions their audience can trust.
  • Furthermore, a YouTuber builds an audience through their subscribers, and as a business, you want to capture those subscribers as well.
  • YouTubers, as well as all content creators, are highly influential due to their access to a large number of subscribers and followers on social media.
  • Who turn to them for recommendations on just about everything. In fact, 89% of marketers believe that using influencers is an effective marketing strategy.

5 tips for Contacting YouTubers and Video Content Creators

  1. Finding the right YouTuber for your brand
  2. Use their preferred method of contact
  3. Clearly state your purpose early on
  4. Great subject line examples
  5. Make your contact information obvious

How Much Money do YouTubers Make?

  • There are no hard numbers on the average income of YouTubers, because there is no such thing as an average YouTuber.
  • Most top earning YouTubers use several of these methods to make money from their video content.
  • If we look at YouTube’s Partners program revenue alone, YouTube content creators earn an average of $18 per 1,000 views.
  • This means that a YouTuber getting 100,000 views per month would earn a very modest salary of $1,800.

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Why Write for Mashable Web?

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