Definition of Account Management


Account management is a profession belonging to the marketing sector. The role of the account manager is to ensure a qualitative follow-up between the brand and the customers.

This profession is based on customer satisfaction. The area is to offer customers a personalized listening to build loyalty and thus encourage them to reproduce a purchase within the brand.

Account Management In A Company?

Account management can be defined as controlling, forecasting, planning, and decision-making about the results of the different groups of accounting accounts.

The objective is to have a clarifying map of the situation and take the appropriate measures to guarantee short-term solvency and equity balance.

The accounting of a company is what supports the management of accounts. It is the one that organizes and groups all the economic and financial information. Record each operation and write down the movements in the corresponding versions.

If you take control of your accounts, you can improve planning at all levels: sales analyze, collection and payment management, evaluation of financing needs, asset performance, debt control, income, and expense structure, etc.

Effect Of  Account Management In A Company

Accounting is one of the regulatory requirements that an SME faces, but it also constitutes a complete information system for managing accounts and analyzing the economic and financial situation.

Through the daily registration, a precious informative structure is created. All the information is expressed in the accounts, which we use to identify each element and chronologically record its monetary movements.

At Circulant’s, from our experience in financing, we know that precise and reliable information is key to obtaining funding for your company by presenting yourself with integrity to investors.

The account manager takes over from the salesperson who has already attracted and recruited customers and converted leads into actual customers.

All accounts of the company. Will maintain good relations with the customer. He, therefore, represents the brand, and the company and is therefore the privileged contact of the customers he takes care of it.

Therefore, Its Main Objective Is To Retain Customers To Keep Them With The Brand.

Roles And Missions Of The Account Manager

Its functions and tasks are thus multiple:

  • advise proposing more suitable solutions or products
  • moderator in case of problems
  • technical knowledge of the company’s products
  • commercial salesperson to scale customer purchases

Account Managers Often Hold A BAC +5 (Master’s Degree) From Business Schools.

Professionals entering this profession generally begin by working for a few years as a salesperson within a company.

The development hoped for by account managers is the job of key account managers. It is the same profession, but in this case, the professional is responsible for the satisfaction of the company’s largest customers. He thus performs more qualitative work and spends more time with each client.

What Are The Qualities Of An Account Manager?

A good account manager must listen to his clients because his central role is to be in contact with a client portfolio to ensure quality follow-up.

Therefore, Good Oral Fluency Is Essential Because Contact Is Mainly Made Over The Telephone.

But written contacts also occur very regularly, which implies that the professional must have impeccable spelling.

But above all, the account manager is a salesperson. He must therefore possess all the qualities necessary for the sale of a product.

  • score a customer
  • sell a product
  • build a relationship with the customer
  • provide good after-sales service
  • have a great sense of marketing communication
  • be independent and versatile
  • have a good sense of organization


When we refer to the management of accounts receivable in the accounting area, we are talking about the rights that an entity has for its operations, among which are the sale of goods or the provision of services.