The Ministry of Transport Will Launch A Road Safety Navigation App – However, the Union Department of Transport has launched an app to further improve road safety. The app provides alerts about accidents, circuit breakers, and other issues. However, The user does not have to pay any fees for this.

Furthermore, Let us tell you that Union Minister of Roads and Road Transport Nitin Gadkari on Friday launched a mobile application developed by MapmyIndia in conjunction with IIT, Madras, which will alert users of every upcoming black spot so that drivers can take precautions. Moreover, A highway ministry official said it is a “free to use” navigation app service and that by using the app, users will also receive voice and visual brake alerts about speed, sharp turns and potholes. Hence, “MOVE” app won the government’s Atmanirbhar App Innovation Challenge in 2020.

Indeed, In today’s fast paced world, the road safety has become a major concern for individuals and the governments. So, according to the World Health Organization, traffic accidents are main responsible for more than 1.3 million deaths worldwide each year. Therefore, In response to this alarming trend, the Ministry of Transport has publicized the launch of a new navigation app that has aims to improve road safety for all road users. Hence, in this article, we’ll take a closer look at this new app and what it means for drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists.

What is Road Safety Navigation App?

What is Road Safety Navigation App?

Road Safety Navigation App is an application based on artificial intelligence and machine learning technology. Gamification is used in this application to comply with road safety standards. This app helps drivers avoid potential hazards.

Furthermore, This app will have a social media feature through which you can share security experiences and suggestions. It is an important tool for safe travel.

However, In this application, drivers are warn of potholes, sharp turns and pedestrian crossings on their route. It also includes speed limit notifications.

This app will also have a voice guide notification that will provide turn-by-turn notifications to help you stay focused on the road.

GPS technology is used in this app for traffic jams, potential hazards and real-time updates. So, the Ministry of Transport has partnered with IIT Madras and MapmyIndia for this.

The Ministry of Transport Will Launch a Navigation Application for Road Safety

The Ministry of Transport Will Launch a Navigation Application for Road Safety

Users and authorities can report accidents, dangerous areas, road and traffic problems through the app, which will be analyzed by IIT, Madras and then used by the government to improve road conditions in India. future,” the official added.

Professor Venkatesh Balasubramanian from the Engineering Design Department of IIT Madras said: “It is something like a digital warning board in the event of an accident. This is an attempt to share high frequency accident areas on the roads with the public as an alert. It contains all blackspots mapped across India and this database will be continuously update with our iRAD based data collection and analysis.



India is country with the second largest road network in the world. So, out of the total stretch of 5.4 Million Kms of road network alost 97,991 Kms is cover by national highway.

Furthermore, it is already a huge challenge for the Indian government to provide world class roads to its citizens, due to the absolute size magnitude. Moreover, India has to spend almost around India rupees ₹ 20,000 to 30,000 Crores on the maintenance of all the Indian Highways every year.

So, the reason behind this is to increase in the private vehicle ownership and most of all overburdening of roads in the major cities of the country.

For an average Indian young youth owning a two wheeler, driving on any of the major Indian Cities is equivalent to waging daily war.

Indeed, the everyday struggle and effort of dodging traffic, population and the rash drivers is the biggest cause of chronic stress and many psychological problems.

On an average, an individual spends anywhere between 30 minutes to 2 hours of their daily driving. So, which means in a year, it is almost 360 hours an individual drive per day.

Therefore, Imagine a kind of stress and unnecessary burden that every Indian individual is putting on their body. In India already full of numerous lifestyle related diseases, driving and traffic problems is an unnecessary addition.

If India has to maintain its growth, then it will require around 15,000 Kms of new expressways in the coming 10-12 years in the country. Hence, the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI), along with the local establishment, has to work really hard to achieve this target.

However, this might not be possible because if the citizens of the country continues to abuse the roads and traffic rules across the nation. So, the governments mechanism, as long as the citizens need to work in cycle, and if Indian wants to see any improvement in traffic and eventually in the lives of the citizens.

Suggestion to Maintain the Indian Roads with Good Quality

Suggestion to Maintain the Indian Roads with Good Quality

There are many innovative and interesting solutions suggested by experts, environmentalist and architects.

So, some of them have also been implemented. But any solution is expected to be successfully implemented, it will definitely require effort and planning on a huge scale.

Hence, this is especially for when we are coming up with plans which can reach the entire country.

Corruption will have to be curbed, and it will be extremely vital that the raw material is of the highest quality are used for the longevity and strength of the roads.

Highway pricing system people should be charged based on the length of the road and the duration of its use. However, This will be difficult to implement and will require a large investment in technology to make it possible.

Improvement in public transport and additional schemes such as BRT. Bus Rapid Transport is implemented in some cities like Pune, and it can be very useful if implement correctly.

People should try to use car and bike sharing as much as possible. Using bicycles for shorter distances also improves individual health along with reducing pollution and road congestion.

Strict and strict measures against traffic offenders. A regulation on traffic rules and the fines imposed for non-compliance.

Hence, Metro can play a very important role in improving traffic problems to a great extent. If the Nagpur metro is successful, it will pave the way for its implementation in other cities as well, which can be very beneficial.

Increase in the use of CNG and electric vehicles and provide relief to those who use them.

You Will Get Information About Breakers, Curves, Pits

You Will Get Information About Breakers, Curves, Pits

The navigation app service provides voice and visual alerts to drivers about upcoming accident-prone areas, speed bumps, sharp turns, and potholes, among other hazards. Indeed, This is part of the Ministry of Road Transport’s planning to reduce road accidents and fatalities in the country.

The Road Safety Navigation App: Key Features and Benefits

The Road Safety Navigation App: Key Features and Benefits

The upcoming traffic safety navigation app offers a range of innovative features designed to help drivers navigate Indian roads more safely and efficiently as per the research by 

  1. Real-Time Traffic Updates: The app provides users with up-to-date traffic information, including road closures, accidents, and traffic jams. This allows drivers to plan their routes more efficiently, avoiding potentially dangerous situations.
  2. Hazard Alerts: The app sends timely notifications to warn drivers of potential hazards on their route, such as potholes, sharp turns, or pedestrian crossings. This allows drivers to adapt their driving behavior accordingly and reduce the risk of accidents.
  3. Speed Limit Notifications: In addition, this app displays the current speed limit to road users and alerts them. If they exceed it, helping drivers maintain a safe speed and comply with traffic rules.
  4. Voice-guided navigation: To minimize distractions, the app offers voice-guided turn-by-turn navigation, allowing drivers to focus on the road.
  5. Accident reporting and assistance: However, In the event of an accident, users can report the incident through the app. Which facilitates faster emergency response and alerts other drivers of potential danger.
  6. Driving behavior analysis and feedback: So, the app tracks users’ driving behavior, providing personalized feedback. And recommendations on improving their driving habits and improving road safety. Read on at Ministry of Transport to launch road safety navigation app.

The Need for Safe and Efficient Transportation by the Ministry

The Need for Safe and Efficient Transportation by the Ministry

The demand for safe and efficient transportation is at an all time high. Especially in today’s world where the people are constantly on the move. However, With millions of vehicles on the road every day. It has become imperative to ensure that our roads are safe and secure for everyone. So, the Road accidents have become a major cause of concern. With thousands of lives lost each year due to careless driving or poor road conditions.

Furthermore, The Department of Transportation’s decision to launch a road safety navigation app is a step in the correct direction to address this issue. Hence, this app will provide real-time information on traffic conditions. Road closures and other relevant details that can help drivers make informed decisions on the road. Indeed, this will not only reduce accidents, but also reduce traffic congestion and improve overall mobility.

MapmyIndia: The MOVE App

Move app of India is a nifty app for Maps, Navigation, Tracking, Security, Hyper-local Services, Smart Mobility, etc., offered by Moreover, this previous app allows you to find and navigate with voice prompts turn by turn to gate destination with live traffic and ETA updates along your itinerary. You can also easily explore nearby places such as restaurants, malls, events, etc., and find out what others say about them. Hence, the MOVE app also shares your live location with loved ones for added peace of mind and reports issues such as traffic, potholes, dumps, and more to make a difference in your city.

Furthermore, one of the unique features of the Move of India app is Mappls ID, a digital address and location ID system that simplifies complex lessons into six-character codes. So, you can use Mappls ID to share your location with anyone without revealing your details. India Move app is powered by the best maps of India from MapmyIndia and offers detail maps for the whole world, covering around 200 countries. You can download the Move of India app for free from Google Play Store or Apple App Store and enjoy the best of maps, navigation, tracking, and live traffic updates on your smartphone.


India’s Ministry of Transport’s initiative to launch a road safety navigation app. Which represents a significant step forward in solving the country’s pressing road safety problem. By harnessing the power of technology and fostering a sense of collective responsibility.

Additionally, the app has the potential to save lives, prevent injuries. And create a safer driving environment for all road users. As the app is roll out and gains traction with Indian drivers. However, it is an impact on road safety will undoubtedly be felt across the country. Contributing to a harmless and more enjoyable driving experience for all.

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The Ministry of Transport Will Launch A Road Safety Navigation App

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