https ftda-gestion.newmips.cloudextranethome – According to the study by, the  France Terre d’Asile (FTDA) is an association founded in 1971 in France which aims to maintain and develop asylum. One of the oldest French traditions, and to guarantee the application of all relevant international conventions in France.

France Terre d’Asile (FTDA) offers and hosts the legal support to Asylum seekers and refugees in France. The organization also carries out legal and political works in the defense of the right to asylum candidates. Information actions approaches and interventions with national and the European Institutions and the decision makers in the field of Asylums. It is a member of executive council of European Council of Exiles (ECRE). A member of Civil Society Platform of Fundamental Rights Agency of the European Union and has just obtained ECOSOC consultative status with the UN.

The Organization has a budget of 69 Millions Euros. So, Mostly from public subsidy (70% of the Ministry of the Interior). It employs 902 people. It has been criticize for the large amount of its grant. France Terre d’Asile (FTDA) explained that it uses this money to implement public policies, which is different from the traditional subsidy. Hence, France Terre d’Asile is regularly criticize for its close relations with the political authorities.

As per the study by, So, you may have visited the site once or twice during the validation of your Asylum application in France.

So, In this guide I will explain you what exactly about extranet https ftda management newmips cloud home to help you understand.

But at the moment we don’t have enough data for a serious traffic estimate. Please check back soon for any updates is a delegated domain name under the cloud generic top-level domain. So, The domain was register in 2016 and is currently Six years old. Hence, The web servers are located in France and are accessible via the IP address

What is https ftda-gestion.newmips.cloudextranethome?

What is https ftda-gestion.newmips.cloudextranethome?

Hence, https ftda-gestion.newmips.cloudextranethome is the internet address of the extranet of the association FTDA (France Terre D’Asile).

Furthermore, Asylum seekers use this address or this mobile application to be notified if they have received a letter in their reception centre. This avoids them having to travel and allows them to consult it online. 70% of the funds of the France Terre D’Asile association come from the Ministry of the Interior.

How to Join the Association in Case of Problem to Enter the Extranet?

How to Join the Association in Case of Problem to Enter the Extranet_

  • Telephone number : 01-45-17-68-80
  • Email :

Moreover, Since August 2020, Mrs. Delphine Rouilleault has become the new Director General of France Terre D’Asile.

  • Domain name information
  • Domaine :
  • Address IP :
  • Web server location: France

What is the IP Address That Belongs to? resolves to IPv4 address .

In Which Country are the Servers Located?

The servers are located in France.

What Web Server Software Does Use? is powered by a “ nginx/1.10.3 (Ubuntu) ” web server

Where is the Server Location?

Where is the Server Location? servers are located in France. Traffic is route through the IPv4 address

Another fact worth mentioning, uses generic top-level domain (gTLD) .cloud corrupted by ARUBA PEC S.p.A.. The domain has been register since November 7, 2016 and will expire, until renew on November 7, 2023. At the moment OVH assists to internet activities of this virtual property. WHOIS Data on the domain is last updated on November 6, 2022. As a result, information on this Domain is kept private, and there are currently 2 nameservers listed in the WHOIS data for this domain.

What are DNS Records?

What are DNS Records? reported, according to SOA, has as it’s master name server for zone name. Accordingly, MAX TTL duration is set to 86400 seconds, retry timer reset is 3600 seconds, timeout is 3600000 seconds and MINIMUM TTL is 300 seconds. R denoted for the sector is 2, the national system code is 30, and the zone sign-up date is 2023-01-09. Moreover, a5 IPv4 address (A) , 2 name servers (NS), 3 mail relays (MX) and 4 text records (TXT ) will be used in the DNS configuration for

How To Go About Your First Appointment At FTDA?

How To Go About Your First Appointment At FTDA

If you arrive on this page, it is the reason you want to know more about the extranet of https ftda gestion newmips cloud home and if an appointment letter is waiting for you or not.

We have already seen how to enter your card number to check if information is waiting for you.

How The https ftda-gestion.newmips.cloudextranethome Lets You Know The Date And Letter of Your Appointment

If you apply for asylum with the first reception center Spada (telephone: 01-42-50-09-00), you will have an appointment to collect your mail if you select.

2 Ways to Read Your Date Letter

In your personal extranet account

In the SMS that will be sent to you to inform you that your appointment letter is ready

How To Check Your Account Progress https ftda-gestion.newmips.cloudextranethome

How To Check Your Account Progress https ftda-gestion.newmips.cloudextranethome

As per the study by, So, According to the information available at, you can check your asylum appointment letter as follows.

  • Via the link above, go to the Newmips cloud management extranet site
  • Enter your card number
  • Press “Submit/Validate”
  • This will take you to your account
  • So, If your appointment letter has been approve, you will see the notification

Moreover, You can also receive a notification of your appointment letter by SMS if you have authorized this in your settings.

Asylum Support Service

Asylum Support Service

For more information, you can contact the support service.

  • Email:
  • Phone number: 0145176880