The Virtual Battery Photovoltaic installations allow us to save a good amount of energy. Still, if we want to take advantage of all that our solar panels can generate, we will need to buy expensive batteries until now.


Solar panels are becoming more common in private homes, mainly due to the upward trend in energy prices that has been developing for some time and that, in recent weeks, has shot up to worrying levels.

The Installation Of Solar Panels Poses To The User A Decision About The Type Of System To Use:

  • Self-consumption without surplus
  • And also, Self-consumption with surpluses
  • Self-consumption with batteries

In the first two cases, the user produces energy and consumes it but cannot store it. He would have to install batteries that allow him to have a point generated when night falls, or the light power is insufficient.

However, this implies considerable expense due to the enormous cost of the batteries, which is why the user usually opts for self-consumption with surpluses. In other words, the photovoltaic installation is connected to the electrical network. When energy is generated that is not used, it is turned over to it, and the electrical distributor financial compensates for said surplus.

Why Are Virtual Batteries Requirements?

The problem is that said surplus is paid at a price lower than that charged for the energy consumed from the electricity grid when the solar panels do not produce the necessary amount.

In addition, no matter how much excess energy we generate. The electricity operator will only compensate us up to a specific limit. Up to the limit set by our consumption. In other words, it will only consider the variable cost and will never pay us. At most, it will compensate us for said expense.

The Virtual Batteries Present By The Company

That’s where the virtual batteries present by the company come in. It is a service through which the user can store the excess energy produce. And accumulate it so that nothing is waste.

In practice, it means taking advantage of 95% (the remaining 5% lost as diversion) of the energy produced by the photovoltaic installation without limits of any kind. And thanks to that. The bill is reduce to a much greater extent or even zero.

If the bill is zero and there is still energy to account for, it will accumulate for the following month, like the gigabytes of data from many telephone companies.

Another Advantage Is The Possibility Of Virtual Batteries

Virtual Batteries Another advantage is the possibility of taking advantage of the extra energy for a second home. The recharging of an electric car. Or even the primary residence in which we cannot carry out the connection due to community issues, etc. Complete a structure that is transport out in a second house. In short. A system for harnessing energy with which promises to revolutionize the market.