Smyths – The Smyth’s Toys Superstores is an Irish Multinational Chain provider of children’s toys and entertainment products. Hence, the business is owned by Smyth’s family members. So, There are above 200 shops throughout Ireland, UK, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and France.

Furthermore, Smyths headquartered in Lyrr building 1 in the Mervue Business park, Galway, Ireland, and it has additional offices in Belfast and London in the United Kingdom. Moreover, the Smyths group turnover reached 1.465 billion Euros.

Indeed, the Smyths group of companies is run by 4 Symths brothers, Tony, Padraig, Liam and Thomas Smyth. However, the company was found in Claremorris, County Mayo, on 23rd December 1986. So, Smyths is Ireland’s largest Toys retailer.

Smyths Toys Announces Huge Discounts in Week Long Deal

Smyths Toys Announces Huge Discounts in Week-Long Deal

In line with the above findings from The Standard (, with family Christmas bills coming to an average £750 per household, it is easy to understand why January is the worst month of the year. However, The skyrocketing expenditures and anticipation are the key things that lead to crunching budget, increased blood pressure and never-ending nervousness, which eventually damage our holiday spirit.

On the other hand, Santa Claus came to our rescue is much earlier this year, providing an opportunity for us that we should grab. Smyths Toys has just put a sale on the market and at this point even those, who look for bargains, might be able to save somewhat. Thus, Ten pounds discount will be made for a fifty pounds shopping. So, we are dropping the retail prices by this wide margin, which means that for every £100, you will save £20 exactly, while for every £200, you can delete £40 off, and so forth. For this reason, we suggest you get some essentials.

Consistent Pricing and Ticketing System – Reducing Losses

Consistent Pricing and Ticketing System - Reducing Losses

Previously a manual process, it wasn’t easy to maintain consistent pricing and ticketing across 10,000 product lines. With ZetesAthena, price information is always up to date, and store employees can instantly check product details. Additionally, Smyths Toys now only uses one type of price tag, down from ten. If prices are lower for a promotion, new tickets can be easily generated, and products can be relabel accordingly.

Avoiding ‘Out of Stocks’

Smyths Toys is also using ZetesAthena to modernize its goods receipt process. Whereby each store is alert in advance via mobile devices about products in the store’s daily delivery. In addition to letting store staff know what to expect. It informs them of items on the shelves that need to be replenish immediately, so they can prioritize which stock to unload first and avoid empty shelves and “outs”. Of stock”.

Smyths Confirms Store Expansion in the Netherlands

Smyths Confirms Store Expansion in the Netherlands

Smyths Toys will open stores in the Netherlands, with the first two locations scheduled to launch in time for the Easter holidays of 2023. Hence, The Dutch website says that five years ago, in early January 2018, the retailer announced ambitions to open thirty stores in the Netherlands at short notice, with other countries on the European continent to follow.

Furthermore, The plans and the order of events changed when fate intervened, and various opportunities presented themselves for the management of Smyths Toys. The first European stores were open in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, where Smyths Toys took over more than ninety stores. Last year, thanks to the acquisition of the French operation of PicWic Toys, another 41 stores were added in France, making Smyths the largest toy retailer in Europe from Toys R Us.

Smyths Manager on Toys Expected to be the Most Popular for Christmas

Smyths Manager on Toys Expected to be the Most Popular for Christmas

A manager revealed of Smits shop about the trends of the most popular toys that he expected to be the most popular this Christmas. There is a selection of different toys, that have different prices, that he imagines will become in hot demand during the Christmas days.

Stephen Timlyn says several newly released toys have already been in high demand at the store, Dublin Live reports. Stephen opened the shop early for us this morning before the shoppers arrived and explained all the toys parents were rushing to buy. One of the popular items sold at Smyths is the innovative Mama Surprise toy. This unusual set features a fake guinea pig, which grows and produces its babies over time, retailing for £64.99.

Stephen told Dublin Live: “Toys like Mama Surprise are often unique and can’t be use after they’re born, but with this, you can keep using the toy over and over again to create more guinea pigs. That’s a major one right now, and it’s right up there.

Shift the focus From Infrastructure Management to Customers

Shift the focus From Infrastructure Management to Customers

With a fully operational SAP environment running on Google Cloud, Derek and his team at Smyths Toys found themselves better equipped to handle the ebbs and flows of customer behaviour trends. So, “These are strange times, and COVID-19 has had a huge impact on customer behaviour. However, It is more important than ever that we can accompany our customers online, for example, to protect them from any risk associated with leaving their homes,” he reflects. “Using Google Cloud, we can scale our online environment to handle a surge in online shopping. Therefore, In response to the high demand during COVID-19, we quickly climbed our Hybis system in minutes to manage traffic levels, and we maintained it for months, as per the study by

Furthermore, As a bonus, the migration eased IT operational efforts with manage services such as Google Cloud Deployment Manager, which is use to automate the deployment of new infrastructure and save time on hardware maintenance. Hence, “By the time we were in Google Cloud, we were able to stop managing on-premises infrastructure, freeing up at least 75% of our time from administration tasks to think about new technology projects in the works.


In my content, I want to describe that Smyths Toys Superstores is an Irish toy retailer with a presence in the UK, Austria, Germany and Switzerland. Since Smyths is incorporate in Ireland, it is not easy to financially size the business; however, Smyths reportedly had sales of €1.2 billion and profits of €35.6 million. Smyths acquired 93 former Toys R Us stores in the DACH region for just €61.6 million in 2018, nearly doubling its portfolio at the time. Hence, It has managed to edge out its US-based competitor by opening stores in similar locations and significantly beating Toys R Us on price, although it faces online leader Amazon.