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Write for us Cyber Security

Cyber Security Write for us

Cyber Security Write for usInvesting in cybersecurity, benefits and how to defend against cyber attacks is a crucial factor for companies that want to protect their operations and guarantee the fulfillment of their objectives. Cybersecurity has become an important point within companies. To submit your articles, you can email us at

What is Cybersecurity? 

In recent years, attacks on the computer systems of companies have increased, the widespread use of technological means has also been taken advantage of by criminals who with their attacks cause great economic losses .

On the other hand, today is when there are more tools that can protect our systems . Having a cybersecurity system that is adequate and guarantees the security of information has a positive impact on the results of the company.

Furthermore, Cybersecurity is the practice of defending computer systems, equipment, and devices against cyberattacks that put information at risk, protecting systems from threats.

This is achieved by implementing comprehensive security solutions that address all areas of the company’s IT systems.

How does cybersecurity benefit us?

Companies that invest in cybersecurity can know in advance the vulnerabilities or weaknesses of their systems , since they obtain reliable information provided by the audit processes.

On the other hand, cybersecurity solutions, by defending companies from cyberattacks, prevent disconnections and interruptions in systems that could lead to loss of revenue, customer lawsuits for exposure and/or loss of information.

In the same way, it facilitates a quick and timely response to incidents , by providing the organization with trained workers and relevant technology tools.

Finally, cybersecurity increases the level of customer trust in companies , by demonstrating that they have a high level of security and take the protection of their data and privacy seriously.

Types of Cyberattacks:

Cyber ​​attacks are basically data hijacking . Listed below are the most common:

Cloud Attacks

Currently it is the most used option , companies seek to upload their backups to the cloud because they are safe. However, cybercriminals try to steal credentials.

Attacks on payment systems

The main objective is the financial part , they are perpetrated on the web through Malware and bots (those capable of stealing private information and spreading rapidly even through social networks), accessing unauthorized places , depriving access to a certain type of information, which requires its users and companies to double security measures to avoid.


It is the one where the cybercriminal blocks access to the company’s portals, platforms or information, requesting some type of reward. Although it is one of the record common crimes, companies must prepare their workers to avoid falling into digital traps


It is the method through which passwords and/or bank information are obtained. The technique used is to download some information sent from a public institution or a bank, which can be completely authentic to the user and steal the data that it reveals.

Outdated Software

In this type of attack, digital hackers take advantage of vulnerabilities in outdated systems to introduce or steal information . To avoid this, it is necessary for the technology department to work to update and minimize the gaps where information could leak or cyber fraud was perpetrated.


It is the most difficult technique to control, since it is usually done through emails , whose service is free and massive.

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Why Write for Mashable Web?

Cyber Security Write for us

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