Dating apps, like the act of meeting other people online, have gone from being a social taboo to becoming the most normal thing in the world. Half of the couples in the United States say they have met online. Plus, it’s big business, as the market is expected to grow and reach a projected value of $8.4 billion by 2024.

Our 2021 Guide to Dating App Marketing is available and can be downloaded here. Below, we also have some additional tips for marketers looking to get started in the lucrative dating app industry.

Strategies For Success In Dating App Marketing

Focus On The ASO

ASO (App Store Optimization) is essential to ensure that people, especially your target audience, can discover your app in the app stores. Dating apps are a highly competitive vertical, so making an excellent first impression and ensuring you’re one of the recommended choices when users are looking for dating apps is a must for success.

You should also invite satisfied customers to rate your app on the app store, giving users one more reason to install your app. For instance, you can ask workers to rate your app after finding a certain number of potential matches, ensuring that the most active users promote your product.

Use Custom Event Tracking

Micro-moments are the points where you can meet consumers at critical events in their customer journey. These are when we use a device, which is usually a smartphone, to perform actions related to something we need or want.

Those moments where a user thinks, “I want to know,” “I want to go,” “I want to buy,” or “I want to do,” are full of intention and a sense of urgency.

Try to figure out what these moments are for your application. How do they correspond to the actions that are performed within your application? For example, “I want to connect with someone.” Perhaps you can track the first time someone messages a potential partner. Do users who successfully send a message in the first 24 hours stay longer?

Prepared with this type of information, you can identify users who are likely to be valuable and invite those who have a more extended adaptation period to take more in-app actions. Finally, you can configure all your custom events from the Adjust panel.

If you monetize your dating app through subscriptions, the customer journey becomes more complex. Adjusts subscription credit solution gives you access to various additional events to easily track the entire trip and their revenue. For example, you can see the following circumstances:

Create Lookalike Audiences

By getting an idea of what “good users” are like. Based on tracking behavior patterns and accurate Lifecycle Value (LTV) calculation. For example. With Adjusts Audience Builder, you can target audiences using your Adjust data. This allows you to create lookalike audiences and build on your most successful results.

By using the data you have about your existing users to do proper segmentation and targeting, you can spend less and get more. In addition. You will be much more likely that the users you gain will commit to using your app long-term and become users with paid subscriptions.

Tools That Can Help You Meet Your Boxes

Create A Perfect Push Notification

Regardless of how good your creativity is, your push notifications will be useless if users haven’t allowed you to send them to them. However, 65% of users return to an app within 30 days when push notifications are enable. Convincing use to accept push notifications.

Instead of sending new users a default permissions request, it’s better to work on building a relationship with them first. They must trust your product and know that you will not take advantage. Of them by having access to push notifications.

To prevent users from choosing to keep push notifications disabled. You also need to request permission at the right time. It’s important to note that authorization messages cannot be customize on iOS, but you can create your screen pop.

You should see this as an opportunity to share your most compelling creative elements. And explain to users why they can benefit from accepting push notifications


Adjust published the 2021 Guide to Dating App Marketing. Where you will find practical advice on how to target and retain your users to offer. You all the information you need to be successful in this very competitive sector.

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