Churrasco Zürich – In Zurich Switzerland, churrasco is the term for barbecue (similar to the Argentine and Uruguayan barbecue) originating in southern Brazil. It uses a variety of meats, pork, sausages and chicken which can be cooked on a specially designed churrasqueira, a barbecue grill, often with rotisserie grates or skewers.

A churrascaria is a place where meat is cooked churrasco style, which comes roughly from the Portuguese word for barbecue. Churrascaria cuisine is usually (but not always) served rodízio style, where traveling waiters serve grilled meats on large skewers directly onto the plates of seated diners.

What is Churrasco?

The Churrasco is a Portuguese or Spanish word for a grilled meat (or meat), but it can also refer to barbecue in general. Although, the term can normally be applied to any grilled steaks or meat, churrasco is often thought of as grilled meat cut on a long skewer on a churrascaria (or rotisserie), the Brazilian method of barbecue.

Moreover, Churrasco is now popular in Europe and many Latin American countries but is most prominent in the majority of South American countries and in a few Central American countries; churrasco plays a major role in the cuisines of Uruguay, Brazil, Bolivia, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Guatemala, and Nicaragua.

Churrasco is also characterized by the fact that it is often served with chimichurri — a simple, flavorful sauce made with garlic, oil, vinegar, and herbs like parsley — whose bright, acidic, and herbaceous flavors help balance the smokiness of the grilled meat.

Enjoyment & Taste at its best: A churrasco, side buffet, salads, desserts & drinks

Enjoyment & Taste at its best: A churrasco, side buffet, salads, desserts & drinks

Whether juicy steak in Churrasco style or aromatic compositions from the buffet: as Churrasco Zurich, we attach a great importance to an authentic ambiences. So, this is not only reflects in the goucho dress of our “Passadores”. As for desserts and drinks, our restaurant’s menu also offers tasty South American options. Discover Brazilian and Zurich desserts like grilled pineapple or mango mousse. You will also find classic desserts like chocolate mousse or ice cream sundaes.

Furthermore, as a steakhouse and churrasco bar, we naturally offer a wide choice of selected drinks on the menu. Whether Zurich wine, Brazilian beer, delicious juices, cocktails, liqueurs or aperitifs: if you have difficulty deciding. Hence, we will be happy to recommend you according to your personal preferences.

Rodizio Steak à Discrétion: A Culinary Excursion from Zurich to Brazil

At our Churrascaria, our professionally trained churrasco grill masters, the “Churrasqueiros”, prepare a juicy steak from according to an old and famous recipe and grill it evenly on rotating skewers. Then our friendly “passers” bring the meat to your table. Again and again, round after round, until you are completely satisfied. Brazilian gaucho steaks are individually cut onto the skewer for your plate. Subsequently, this traditional way of serving meat is calls as “rodizio”, which literally means “that which rotates”. Through a kind of light signaling system on the table (green and red button).

Moreover, kitchen in Churrasco Zurich prepares only the highest quality meat from trusted operating partners:

Origin of the meat:

  • BEEF: Switzerland, Ireland and South Amerika
  • LAMB: New Zealand, Ireland
  • PIG: Switzerland
  • Poultry: Switzerland
  • FISH: Spain, Vietnam, Norway

Churrasco Zurich : A Brazilian Love Affair

But meat lovers are not the only ones who can experience a culinary trip to Brazil. At our steakhouse in Zurich-Dielsdorf. A colorful and appetizing buffet of around the 25 hot and the cold side dishes and salads is a part of their unlimited menu. Therefore, our restaurant offers a wide variety of pleasures and tastes also for vegetarians. However, the buffet and the churrasco rodizio are designs at will with fixed prices in CHF.

Furthermore, the best part of a churrascaria is well, these are usually “all you can eat” joints. Yes, you read that right. What made churrascarias famous is not only the fact that they serve some of the best meat in the world Churrasco Zurich. It is a style of service in which waiters walk around. The restaurant with large skewers of meat and cut as much meat as they want on their plate, tableside. Over and over again until you write. For even more fun, challenge your tablemates to see who can last the longest. You may pay for it later, but I promise you it’s worth it.