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Air Purifier Write for us – Contribute and Submit Guest Post.Air Purifier Write for us – Air Purifier Clean air is an essential part of everyday life. It affects our lungs, blood circulation, heart, and general physical health. But the air in your home may be dirtier than you think. So, according to the Environmental Protection Agency, concentrations of certain pollutants indoors are typically two to five times higher than outside. To submit your articles, you can email us at

The best way to improve indoor air quality is to address the source of the problem, such as keeping pets out of your room or smokers. Also, slightly ventilate your home with fresh, clean outdoor air by opening the windows. Consider indoor air purifiers if none of these are possible (or not enough).

Who Needs an Air Purifier?

Portable room air purifiers filter the air in a single room. They are independent of whole-house air cleaners and air purification systems, integrated into a home’s heating, ventilating, and air conditioning systems and designed to clean the air throughout the home.

Furthermore, think of a room air purifier as an add-on device, like a space heater in the context of a whole-home heating system, explains Misha Kollontai, who oversees air purifier testing at Consumer Reports. While your home feels warm enough, you may have a particularly drafty room with old, poorly sealed windows.

Therefore, Placing a space heater would make the room more comfortable. Similarly, he says: “A whole house system filters all the air that flows through the house through the HVAC system. But if you sit by a fireplace in the living room for a long time, the air in the room will suffer. Air purifiers may not be a bad idea. If you sleep with your pet, an air purifier may also be worthwhile in the bedroom.

What Does an Air Purifier do?

An air purifier only removes allergens while they are in the air. You’ll need a vacuum once they’ve settled to the bottom (which is often the case for heavier particles like large chunks of dust and pollen).

Studies on indoor air purifiers show that the use of HEPA filters (filters made with very fine meshes that have been shown to capture 99.97% of particles of a certain hard-to-detect size (0.3 microns in diameter) are very effective at removing many of these can be common household irritants. These include virus droplets, particles (for example, from cigarette smoke and wood burning), pet dander, dust, and dust mites.

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