Dans Quel Pays Est Située l’adresse ip – The public IP address is located in Germany. It is assigned to the ISP Bundesamt fuer Sicherheit in der Information stechn. The address belongs to ASN 49234 which is delegated to the Bundesamt fuer Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik.

See the tables below for full details on, or use the IP lookup tool to find the approximate IP location for any public IP address as per the study by

How to Locate an IP Address – Dans Quel Pays Est Située l’adresse ip

How to Locate an IP Address - Dans Quel Pays Est Située l'adresse ip

To locate an IP address, you will need an online tool. To do this, you can go to the site, then enter the IP address you want to locate and select Locate. Through it you have access to the following information: the country, region, city, postal code, latitude and longitude associated with an IP address. You also have the option of locating an IP address from a URL.

As per the study by, it is impossible to accurately locate a home’s IP address. The IP location will tell you the location corresponding to the ISP server which may be in another city. The IP address remains confidential and only an Internet service provider can provide the exact location of an IP address. On the other hand, when you want to locate the IP address of a website, there is a good chance that you are actually locating the data center or the server that hosts it.

When is it Useful to Locate an IP Address?

When is it Useful to Locate an IP Address_

The location of an IP addresses can be used in different cases:

  • For marketing and sales purposes: Geolocation based on an IP address can be used for product targeting, in order to highlight products based on a user’s location. This can also help you better understand your target and help create personas.
  • To suppress defamation or denigration: the location of an IP address can be used in the context of crimes such as the public exchange of controversial messages, in particular defamatory ones.
  • To combat acts of counterfeiting: The IP address can also be used to identify the identity of an Internet user who is illegally downloading content on the web.

What is an IP Address? Dans Quel Pays Est Située l’adresse ip

What is an IP Address_ Dans Quel Pays Est Située l'adresse ip

Your Internet service provider assigns a numerical tag, called an Internet Protocol (IP) address, to identify your device among billions of others. In a way, an IP address works like a personal address online, because devices use IP addresses to find and communicate with each other.

Dans Quel Pays Est Située l’adresse ip – This is how an IP address directs data to its destination. First, type the name of a website ( into the browser. However, your computer doesn’t understand words, only numbers. So, it first discovers the IP address of this website (, finds it on the web, and then loads it on your screen.

What is Public and Private IP addresses?

What is Public and Private IP addresses_

According to the research by, When you ask for “what is my IP address”, it usually means the public IP address. So, This is the IP address provided by your Internet Service Provider. Hence, Devices on the same network share this IP address when they are connected to the Internet.

Take, for example, your home network. It consists of your computer, phone, tablet, and any other devices connected to your router. When these devices are connected to the Internet, they use the public IP address that has been assigned to the router.

Dans Quel Pays Est Située l’adresse ip – Routers assign private IP addresses to every device on your network, so they can identify and find each other. However, When these devices connect to the Internet, their private IP addresses are hidden and only the public IP addresses of the routers are visible. Your public IP address can reveal a lot about you. A simple IP address lookup can reveal your location and ISP or even trace your identity.

Understand the Basics of TCP/IP Addresses and Subnets

Furthermore, This article is intended as a general introduction to Internet Protocol (IP) networking and subnetting concepts. Hence, A glossary is included at the end of the article.

  • Applicability: Windows 10 – All Editions
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Summary to Configure Protocol on Windows – Dans Quel Pays Est Située l’adresse ip

When you configure the TCP/IP protocols on a Windows computer, the TCP/IP configuration parameters require:

  • an IP address
  • A subnet mask
  • A default gateway

To properly configure TCP/IP, you need to understand how TCP/IP networks are treated and divided into networks and subnets.

Dans Quel Pays Est Située l’adresse ip – The success of TCP/IP as an Internet networking protocol is largely due to its ability to connect networks of different sizes and systems of different types. These networks are arbitrarily defined in three main classes (and a few others) which have predefined sizes. System administrators can divide each of them into smaller subnets. Hence, A subnet mask is used to divide an IP address into two parts. One identifies the host (computer), the other the network to which it belongs. So, To better understand how IP addresses and subnet masks work, examine an IP address and see how it is organized.

Network Classes – Dans Quel Pays Est Située l’adresse ip

Network Classes - Dans Quel Pays Est Située l'adresse ip

according to the research by, Internet addresses are assigned by the InterNIC, the organization that manages the Internet. These IP addresses are divided into classes. Classes A, B and C are the most common. Hence, Classes D and E exist, but are not used by end users. However, Each of the addresses classes has a different default subnets mask. So, You can identify the class of an IP addresses by looking at its first octet. Here are the Class A, B, and C Internet address ranges, each with an examples addresses:

  • Class A network use a default subnets mask of and its first octet is between 0 and 127. The address is a Class A addresses. Hence, Its first octet is 10, which is a value between 1 and 126 inclusives.
  • Class B networks uses a default subnet masks of and its first octet is between 128 and 191. However, The address is a class B address. Its first octet is 172, which is a value between 128 and 191 inclusives.
  • Indeed, Class C networks use a default subnet mask of and its first octet is between 192 and 223. Hence, The address is a class C address. Therefore, Its first octet is 192, which is a value between 192 and 223 inclusive.

Furthermore, In some scenarios, the defaults subnet mask values don’t match your organization’s needs for one of the following reasons:

  • The physical topology of the network.
  • The number of networks (or hosts) does not match the default subnet mask restrictions.
  • For more information on dividing networks by subnet masks, skip to the next section.

Default Gateways – Dans Quel Pays Est Située l’adresse ip

Default Gateways - Dans Quel Pays Est Située l'adresse ip

Furthermore, If a TCP/IP computer needs to communicate with a hosts on another networks, it will usually do so through a device called a router. Therefore, In the TCP/IP protocol, a router specified on a hosts. which connects the host’s subnets to other network, is called a default gateway. So, This section explains how the TCP/IP protocol determines whether or not to send packets through its default gateway to reach another computers or devices on the networks.

Dans Quel Pays Est Située l’adresse ip – When a host tries to communicate with another device using the TCP/IP protocol, it performs a comparison process between the defined subnet mask and the destination IP address, on the one hand, and the subnet mask of the network and its own IP address, on the other hand for the other another hand. Hence, The result of this comparison tells the computer whether the destination is a local or remote host.