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Educational Technology Write for Us – Educational Technology investigates analyzing, designing, developing, implementing, and evaluating the academic environment, learning materials, learners, and learning process and learning to improve teaching and learning.

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Furthermore, Technology is continually changing how we work, play, create, and communicate. So it’s only natural that advances in digital technology are also creating revolutionary opportunities in the world of education.

Indeed, technology opens up new possibilities for teachers to enrich and also to stimulate young minds. However, today there is growing excitement around the potential of assistive technologies, virtual and augmented reality, high-tech collaboration tools, gamification, podcasts, blogs, 3D printing, artificial intelligence, personalized learning and more.

Educational Technology’s Importance in the Education Field

Many people can recognize that EdTech dedicates technology to lifelong learning. True, but not enough. The Association for Educational Infrastructures and Technology (AECT). Has well-defined EdTech as “facilitating learning and improving outcomes through the creation, use, and management of appropriate technological resources and processes.”

So, on the other hand, educators who use EdTech having much simpler definition of the term. They say it is a concept of transforming traditional book-based teaching and learning into a digital form. For them, the main difference lies in how knowledge is delivered (through technological innovation) to make teaching more effective.

In short, EdTech is simply a process of integrating technology into education to create better teaching/learning experiences that result in better learning outcomes.

What advantages of Educational Technology?

Educational technology keeps hybrid classrooms connected.

The most accessible area to see the benefits of educational technology is distance learning. However, Remote learning (attending lecturers or classes virtually with videos or audio communications to participate) requires using EdTech to keep the course engaging. Hence, having a video call set up for a period of students allows people to attend wherever they are, bringing education to even more people.

Educational technology software allows students to work more efficiently.

The EdTech software brings a new degree of flexibility to distance learning. With the variety of online courses and digital textbook libraries available to students through EdTech tools, students can access their work virtually, submit assignments online, and learn at their own pace. Suppose a student is having trouble with one section or really knows another. In that case, she can advance or relearn sections as needed, allowing all students to tailor their learning experience to their needs.

EdTech helps teachers stay organized.

With EdTech platforms, teachers can create digital repositories of used teaching materials, videos, and slides and then provide access for students and caregivers to review at their leisure. It’s easy to see what materials you have to teach and save the energy of sifting through piles of old paper resources. When all classes are taught remotely, they tend to overlap. For teachers juggling multiple remote and hybrid courses. Hence, Educational Technology allows them to show up to each new class and lesson prepared and organized.

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