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Do you identify as a technophile? And always longed to take a stroll to find the most recent technology news or wanted to solve your technology-related puzzles? If so, you have found a site worth sticking to because it will entice you with reliable information.

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What is COI Notepad? What is COI Notepad used for?

Windows comes with a simple text editor called Notepad. You are writing brief text documents you want to preserve, as plain text works quite well. But you can use it for more than just that. If you haven’t used Notepad much or at all, you might be surprised by its simplicity.

Windows 10 and earlier Microsoft operating systems, like Windows 7, have essentially the same Notepad interface and functionality. The most significant variations relate to how the application is launched on various operating systems, and this tutorial will teach you more about that: There are eleven methods in all Windows versions to launch Notepad. This primary interface appears when Notepad is found:

Nothing more is required because Notepad only has a few settings available. You should see menus for File, Edit, Format, View, and Help at the top of the window. Let’s look at some of Notepad’s capabilities. The familiarity of everything should be comforting, yet Notepad is only a text editor. It does not function if you try to paste graphics into it.

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Why Write for Mashable Web?

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